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Cartoon Games and Movies Games: how to dream with the TV off!

All the strongest cartoon heroes are just waiting for you and your children! Let’s discover the world of cartoons: action figures and gadgets for all ages. And then, let’s play with your favorite characters like Gormiti, Miraculous all the Marvel’s heroes.

Action Figures

Just for fun or for real collectors, the action figures of your heroes are definitely irresistible. Have fun making battles and other adventures worthy of an action movie! From Batman to Transformers, to the magic Winx, we surely have the character you are looking for.

Marvel Action Figures

From comics to movies, and from the big screen to your house. Discover the mythical Marvel characters, the most loved (and also hated!). The Marvel action figures perfectly reproduce the costumes and abilities of Marvel superheroes: Avengers, Spiderman, Thor, Fantastic Four, Iron Man and many others. Which is your favourite?

Star Wars Action Figures

Are you a huge fan of the Star Wars saga? Here you will find all the characters of the eternal battle between good and evil: from the beautiful princess Leia, to the super evil Darth Vader. You can play with them and fight exciting battles or even choose the precious collectable models. May the force be with you!

Anime and Manga Action Figures

Dragon Ball, Dragon Trainer, Bey Blade…and so on. If your passions are manga and anime, you will find everything you love most on the first floor of our shop. After all, everyone would love to live in a cartoon.


It’s good to be surrounded by the characters of cartoon heroes and movies … but what’s best is to get some of their magical powers! With the Ladybug Make Up Yo, the magic wands of Harry Potter and with many other special gadgets, you will surely leave Nano Bleu with a super power: come here to find out what’s yours.

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