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Toys for Babies and Toddlers: the fun part about growing up

What makes you happy and carefree? Playing! That’s why I founded Nano Bleu: a magical place for adults and children. And when I talk about children, I also mean the teeny tiny little ones!

Game is a fundamental moment in a child’s life, helping in cognitive, sensorial, physical and relational development. Thanks to the game the child approaches the world and knows it, and it is really true that by playing you learn and by learning you grow more and more! We have selected a series of toys for early childhood, to make this amazing moment funnier for the baby and for his parents too.

The early childhood toys include soft stuffed toys and sweet doudou by Kaloo and Steiff, and stimulating games for learning by Clementoni and Fisher Price.

The learning game starts from the first months of life: that’s why selecting your children’s toys with care is important for their growth. Here in my shop in the center of Milan you will find certified and quality toys suitable for any age and that will naturally stimulate their motor skills and their creativity.

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