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Our historic toy store is located in the heart of Milan (corso Vittorio Emanuele 15), next to the Church of San Carlo, just a short walk from the Duomo and the city’s main attractions.

The story of Nano Bleu began in 1949, when a group of enthusiasts decided to open a toy store, a real boutique. Their passion passed through three generations till the present owners, the young Lorenzo and Andrea, sons of Giuseppe Granata, the owner of the shop since 1988.

Three levels of fun

Nano Bleu has recently been expanded, becoming the largest toy store in downtown Milan with the addition of a whole floor. Despite this, the store maintains many original items such as the shop windows and the entrance door, or the beautiful spiral staircase leading upstairs.

Nano Bleu is now an historical store

Last June, thanks to its 68 years of activity, Nano Bleu was awarded by the mayor of Milan as historic city business, a prestigious award that represents a pride for the owners and many affectionate customers. Nano Bleu is now a real attraction in Milan, visited by many tourists and milanaise citizens who appreciate the traditional and the magical atmosphere, able to tell the story of the city. The store has also been listed among the best toys stores in the world.

Nano Bleu offers a huge assortment of toys to satisfy children of all ages: plush toys, action figures, models, dolls… The secret behind Nano Bleu’s success is the constant search for new toys, from the most traditional to the latest novelties. We just want to ensure our customers the highest quality and the funniest experience.





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