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Nano Bleu Becomes A Milan Historic Shop!

Nano Bleu becomes a Milan historic shop!

A shop, in Milan, must have at least 50 years of business to be considered a “historical store”. Then, it becomes a real attraction of great interest for tourists who want to visit a “living” monument which can tell the story of our city.
Citizens also fall in love with the oldest and most fascinating stores every day, which are distinguished by the new and big shopping chains (all looking the same!) for their unique character and magical atmosphere.

Nano Bleu, a historic shop

This year Nano Bleu is 68 years old and it has finally entered in the list of historic Milan shops. Since more than three generations, we make Milanese kids happy and we try to surprise tourists who come from all over the world with our vintage and new toys for all tastes … Finally the title title has been recognized! We want to share this joy with you because a shop is made not just with walls and products for sale, but with faces, handshakes, smiles and dreams. And if we talk about toys, everything takes an even more magical light, you can see through the shelves invaded by dozens of action figures, buildings, models, dolls … We are unable to list all our toy!

But we want to celebrate this new title, also remembering the other historic shops that are with us on this trip to the most authentic Milan …

Other historic shops in Milan

Milan is a cosmopolitan city, always facing the future and ready to renew itself continuously. But Milan also has a human face: that of its historic stores, which are standing for generations thanks to the dedication of those who work there and to the affection of the fans. Milanese and tourists are rediscovering the beauty of this city’s history, the downtown neighborhoods, where it’s easy to admire shops that have never changed over the years. This is the case of Peck, the gastronomic temple, which has been in our town since 1883, or the legendary Camparino in Galleria, the Milan aperitivo symbol all over the world.

There also are a lot of toy stores that are no longer there, but Nano Bleu proudly stands there for all of them.
And so, to rediscover an authentic Milan, faithful to the traditions but projected into the future, please come and discover all the toys in our shop and live the magic atmosphere of your childhood: we are waiting for you in the center of Milan!

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