End of school: it’s time for a gift

Idee regalo per la promozione

Here we are mes amis: in spite of everything, summer is on our doorstep. We can finally pop our head out, Nano Bleu is open again and… school’s out! After such an odd end to the school year, why not give a present to those who, during these past few months, have had to work harder than anyone to adapt to new habits, say goodbye to friends on a screen and have had to do all their lessons on a computer? You know who we mean: our children deserve a nice present for passing the year with enormous effort and infinite amounts of patience! Are you ready to discover what new items await in store for your strong and courageous enfants?

Here is a great list of gift ideas for the end of the school year. We are ready for you here at Nano Bleu!

End of school year gifts: remote controls and Transformers

Are you looking for a “big” present to celebrate your children’s completion of this strange school year? If they love adventure and everything tech, our remote control operated cars by Jamara are the perfect gift to keep them happy throughout summer. The most popular models are all the large scale 1:14 cars, perfect for high-speed chases indoors and outdoors: you can choose between the legendary Ferrari, an elegant Bentley and the exclusive Lamborghini and Porsche models.

For kids who love tech but who are more into fantasy, here at Nano Bleu you can find the biggest and most sought-after Hasbro’s Transformers. Our favourites are obviously the Optimus Prime, the unquestioned boss of the Autobot, unrivalled among the Transformer toys. He is taller than 30cm, has 4 battle modes with moving wings, lights and sounds, and in just seven moves he shows off all his majesty in Power Surge mode. And how could we not mention Bumblebee? Its Power Core technology means it comes alive with sounds and lights that show off all its powers.

End of school year gifts: Trudi, Playmobil, Schleich and Sylvanian Families

For the youngest among us, we can celebrate their patience in this difficult period with the help of some historic brands: Trudi and Playmobil. Is there anything better than a Trudi soft toy ready for cuddles, now that hugs are so short in supply? Here at Nano Bleu we are big fans of the jumbo teddies… the chubbiest ones! Come and visit us immediately to take a peek at our Barnabas brown bear or our sweet Ettore bear, the super cuddly Panda Kevin or Elio the Elephant or find a lifelong pal in Marcus the Husky.

Playmobil will instead allow you to unleash your imagination. Play with girls and boys with our police and fire brigade ranges, with iconic vehicles full of accessories and characters. Or why not have fun with the dollhouse models in the great country manor version which is portable and comes in all kinds of country style, such as the great barn which comes complete with animals.

Still on the theme of big houses and toy farms, we lose it over all the versions available by Sylvanian Families and Schleich. From the former, an honourable mention is required for the big country house with real indoor lights and tonnes of wooden furniture and little shops to collect, from the supermarket to the clothes boutique.

Once again, for anyone who loves using toys as a way to explore the rural and natural world, Schleich promises the best of this in child-size: farms and barns of every size and flavour, with horses and farm animals to complete the set.

Here at Nano Bleu we are celebrating: finally we are ready to welcome you back in store and school is finally out – so we can get ready together for a summer full of fun and play. This is the perfect time for presents! We are waiting for you at C.so Vittorio Emanuele 15 in Milan.