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CARS 3: ”From This Moment, Everything Will Change”

CARS 3: ”From this moment, everything will change”

Lightning McQueen is back and returns to the cinema with a new adventure!
The new Disney Pixar Animated Movie will arrive in Italian cinemas on 14 September, also in 3D.

In Cars 3, Lightning McQueen is in competition with a new generation of racing cars that threaten its primacy.
His rival, Jackson Storm, is one of the best racing cars of the next generation, its unmatched speed is likely to revolutionize the racing world forever. Who will win?

Waiting for the movie, discover all the toys inspired by Cars 3!


Mattel has created models of all the characters in the movie, among the most popular new entries we find Cruz Ramirez the coach and Jackson Storm, the new rival of Lightning McQueen.
These vehicles are made with great care for every detail, they are beautiful to collect and perfect to play!


In addition to the characters, there have been created some racetracks inspired by Cars 3, among the new features there is also a racetrack with a system that give to your vehicle a push every time it passes the finish line, for even more challenging challenges!


Among the many surprises that we will see at the cinema, we can reveal to you that we will see a race of stunt cars in the mud of the Demolition Derby.
That’s why among the Cars 3 toys we also find the Crazy 8 Crashers, so many dirty mud characters with a great news! Launch your vehicle and you’ll see it drifting like in the movie, because they have the wheels behind that move.

Enter the world of Mattel’s toys inspired by Mattel! Come to visit Nano Blue, your toy shop in downtown Milan, to find out all the latest news about games.

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