Barbie, Milan, Nano Blue between fashion and lifestyle

Barbie e la moda a Milano

Fashion week is over but Milan is always buzzing with excitment: it’s the mecca of Italian style, the place to spot the latest trends and get inspired by exhibitions and fashion shows. Here at Nano Bleu we do not feel outdone, on the contrary! In the heart of one of the main shopping streets, we are the magical place where adults and children can rediscover the magic of play and also… of fashion. Yes, because this is where you will find her, the fashion queen par excellence, a style icon and undisputed trendsetter since 1959. Who are we talking about? About Barbie of course.

Get ready mes amis, you are about to discover all the new Barbie lines here at Nano Bleu!

Barbie in Milan at Nano Blue: Barbie Made to Move, Barbie Fashionistas and Skipper Babysitter

An icon of fashion but also of lifestyle, Barbie doesn’t miss a beat. Since her birth in 1959 Barbara Millicent Roberts – this is her real name – has always followed the fashions of the moment, dictating new trends and becoming a pop icon in all fields. Little is left of the original doll in a bikini: Barbie has changed just like the world around us.

Let’s start with fashion, her greatest passion : Barbie Fashionistas is one of the most complete lines and includes 9 body shapes, 94 hairstyles and 35 skin tones. But not only that: the whole line now has 179 different dolls with unique styles and combinations. From boho to rock style, from the most serious to the most colorful, you can choose the version that best represents you and you like or, even better, collect them all.

But Barbie is much more than a trendy girl: from fashion to lifestyle, there is a version for every moment of daily life, in addition to shopping and work, to hobbies, passions and sports. The most innovative line of Barbie is precisely the one dedicated to movement: Barbie Made to Move. With more than 22 pivot points between the neck, forearms, elbows, wrists, chest, thighs, knees and ankles, it allows unprecedented flexibility. Our favorite here at Nano Bleu? The one that most passionately follows the trend of recent years: the Barbie Made to Move Yoga. You can find her in many versions and with many imaginative tops and leggings.

Here at Nano Bleu the real star is always her, it’s true, but it is also true that no doll here could do without the care of Barbie’s little sister, Skipper Babysitter: in many versions and with plenty of accessories, the young Skipper, always smiling as her sister but even fresher and more sporty. Why not get to know her better here at Nano Bleu?

Barbie, pop icon between art and culture: Barbie Collection and Barbie Inspiring Women

She’s not just about fashion, even if we know how important it is for Barbie to always be well-groomed and perfect. Being already a world fashion icon, it didn’t take long for Barbie to become a mirror for the changes in society and a real cultural personality. Designers and artists compete to collaborate with Mattel and create unique, limited edition versions of the world’s most famous doll. A few examples? In the Line Collection you will find Barbie David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust, the perfect representation of the multifaceted English musician and actor who has forever marked the world music scene. Besides him, Barbie Iris Apfel is among the favorites here at Nano Bleu: who wouldn’t want a more stylish and more eclectic Barbie version of the 90-year-old in the world of design? I warn you: there is more than one version and they are one more magnificent than the other!

The last series I want to tell you about is perhaps the one I love most: the Inspiring Women line. Entirely dedicated to women who have made a difference, it is perhaps the line that most celebrates female strength and power in the world. The latest addition is Barbie Katherine Johnson, an American scientist who contributed significantly to the development of the US space air force. A nice inspiration for kids and children, right?
If you want to give a touch of fashion to your day, or you need an injection of self-confidence, Barbie is the doll for you. Come and visit us here at Nano Bleu in the center of Milan and choose your favorite!